Challenging but Successful Case

gall bladder

Have I got a story for you.

For two years Jasmine Harmony battled a liver condition known as chronic active cholangiohepatitis. With constant monitoring of medication, the veterinarians at Veremedy were able to keep the disease under control. Then one day in early February, the disease took a turn for the worse and Jasmine stopped eating, spiked a high fever and presented to our hospital with intense abdominal pain. What happened next sometimes seems run of the mill normal to us, but every now and again even we recognize that it takes a very special group of dedicated team members to accomplish what we do on behalf of pets like Jasmine Harmony.

Blood samples taken from Jasmine were immediately processed in our lab at our White River Junction location. A dangerous elevation in biliruben levels created concern about a bile obstruction. To ascertain the condition of the gallbladder we transported Jasmine to our Woodstock office where Dr. Anita Morris performed an ultrasound evaluation of the entire abdomen. A condition known as a gallbladder or biliary mucocele was diagnosed. The gallbladder was greatly enlarged and filled with sludge. A condition known as bile peritonitis was developing and the gallbladder was at risk of rupturing–emergency surgery was needed.  So, the surgery suite at Veremedy was prepped, and two of our doctors prepared to remove Jasmine’s diseased gallbladder.

The gallbladder was indeed on the verge of rupturing as that was what happened during the surgery. The organ was successfully removed, the abdominal cavity was thoroughly flushed and cleaned, and Jasmine left the surgery suite and landed in our intensive care unit. Post operative pain was managed with a constant infusion of pain medications through Jasmine’s IV. One of the certified technicians at Veremedy stayed in our hospital overnight with Jasmine to make sure she was comfortable. The next day, even though Jasmine had some surgical pain, the main source of her discomfort, the diseased gallbladder, was gone. The picture posted with this article is Jasmine the day after surgery looking better and wondering when breakfast might arrive. Two days later, Jasmine was home and doing well.

Advanced diagnostics with in-house lab facilities and on-site ultrasound capabilities, coupled with advanced surgical capabilities and intensive care options helped make this case into a success story–it is what we do best.

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