New Year’s Resolutions with Your Pet!

It’s that time of year where we all do our best to set new goals and we know even thinking about resolutions can be stressful.
To help, we offer 3 simple tips for you and your pet’s New Year’s resolutions:
1. Get your pet some exercise! Most dogs benefit from 2-4 miles of walking or playing per day and cats benefit from regular activity too. Can’t get outside for a long walk due to the cold? Play fetch inside or get interactive toys. Studies show that exercise reduces anxiety, helps maintain optimum body weight and improves your pet’s attitude.
2. Consider year round parasite protection. We are now seeing live ticks in the winter months and recommend considering year round protection.
3. Keep enjoying your pet. Research shows that pets can decrease your blood pressure, your cholesterol levels and your triglyceride levels, so keep the belly rubs, chin scratching and ball tossing going!

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