For the past 5 years, many of you have had the pleasure of getting to know and working with one of our Veremedy veterinarians, Dr. Nell Partridge, at one or both of our hospitals.  Some of you have also had her attend to a pet emergency visit to SAVES, our local pet emergency hospital, where she has been working a second job.  Although Dr. Partridge has loved being a primary care veterinarian, she has a real passion for emergency veterinary medicine, enjoying getting to the bottom of complex cases and saving pets from acute or life-threatening conditions. Dr. Partridge has decided to follow that passion and take a full-time job in emergency medicine at SAVES and will be leaving Veremedy at the end of April.  Our Veremedy veterinarians always work together as a team to ensure your pets’ excellent care and will therefore be providing continuation of any care plans which Dr. Partridge has started.  We look forward to adding a new, exceptional veterinarian to our team as soon as we find one.  Meanwhile, we wish Dr. Partridge a satisfying and enjoyable new endeavor!

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