CDC Updates and Looking Ahead to In-Person Veterinary Care:

There is good news with Covid-19 cases falling, as more and more people in Vermont are getting vaccinated. Just last week, new CDC Guidance emerged regarding masking and vaccination status– the state and businesses are absorbing this information and formulating plans. We have had many questions from our clients about when you will be able to come into the hospital with your pets. Here is an update: While we are as anxious as everyone else to get things back to “normal,” we would like to advise you that our Curbside Protocols will remain in place until after all our staff is vaccinated (which puts us toward the end of June). Unlike human health care workers, veterinarians were never a priority group to receive the vaccine, but rather have had to wait until the general public age bands were eligible.  We’re getting closer to full staff vaccination.

Looking ahead to the near future, here’s what you can expect:

  • We are in the process of putting new protocols and signage in place to be able to resume in-person veterinary visits for the general public, when all of our staff members are fully vaccinated. This is on schedule to happen by the end of June, certainly by July 4th.  It will be so nice to see our clients face-to-face again!
  • We are continuing to watch recommendations from the Health Department, but a Mask Requirement may remain in place at Veremedy given the challenge of sorting out vaccinated and unvaccinated pet owners, as well as knowing that there are certain individuals with immune-system conditions which make them more vulnerable, whether vaccinated or not. Our small exam rooms and line of work involve often close contact between staff and our clients.
  • Your cooperation and patience are appreciated as we transition and guide you through this process!  Please remember that we’re all tired and frustrated with the Pandemic, but need to be kind to one another.
Please stay tuned for future updates, and hope everyone is having a beautiful, safe, and healthy Spring!


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