Veremedy, LLC and Veremedy Pet Hospitals, LLC are for-profit companies.  It is our full intent to make money telling people the truth about all of their smart options for pet care.  By facilitating the processes involved with informed consent, and evidence-based medicine, we truly believe pets receive better medical care, and pet owners are more comfortable with their pet medical care decisions.  For helping with this process, we hope to run a profitable company that takes care of its employees, its community, and its owners.

Profits are not the reason that we exist.  We believe in the words of Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos, “Profits are like oxygen. You need it to survive, but ultimately what matters is passion, growth, and a higher purpose.”

Additional business values at Veremedy recognize that the practice of veterinary medicine is a team sport; we believe that a group of individuals working as a team is greater than the sum of its parts.  We celebrate mistakes as learning experiences; and follow the saying, “Don’t get bitter; get better.”  Lastly, successful companies need to support their local communities; we do this by giving back to our region well-paid and well-cared-for employees, by volunteering our time for worthy causes, and by caring for those members of the community who may have fallen on hard times.


We point out in other areas of this site how important it is to look for underlying conflicts of interest whenever information sources are being scrutinized.  At this time, our website has no underwriters, advertisers or sponsors.  However, if anyone at L.L. Bean® is reading this, Dr. Burrington could use a couple pair of jeans, a chamois shirt, and some muck boots.  Any sponsorship that may occur in the future will be fully disclosed.