Trusted, because we are a watchdog organization (no offence to our feline friends) that is constantly monitoring our industry for inaccurate or misleading information. (learn more)

Smart, because of our reputation as the go-to-hospital for tough medical and surgical cases. We are often approached for second opinions on cases where the diagnosis has been elusive or where a conventional treatment plan has not provided satisfactory results.

  • Smart means always trying to mitigate health risks while maximizing health benefits.
  • Smart means knowing how to use all the high tech equipment in our hospitals.
  • Smart means staying up to date on all the latest medical information.
  • Smart means listening to pet owners and knowing that each case is unique.
  • Smart means having 5 intelligent, dedicated, team-orientated veterinarians working on medical problems together


Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center has an entire division dedicated to helping patients make good medial decisions while balancing risks, benefits, and values. At Veremedy all of our doctors are trained to review complex medical information and then explain it to pet owners in a way that they can understand. In each case our veterinarians discover the medical needs of the pet, then we determine the philosophical, and in some cases budgetary approach of the owner, then together we make a plan that meets both the pet, and the pet owner’s needs. (learn more)


A large part of our practice involves helping our clients balance risk benefit ratios for diagnostic, medical and surgical procedures. After we balance risk and benefit, quite regularly we are asked to perform a cost benefit analysis to see what makes the most financial sense. Yes, some pet owners are fortunate enough to never have to worry about the cost of medical care, but more often then not, our medical team has to help pet owners decide how to spend their pet care dollars intelligently. So, we often have to focus on the test or treatment or procedure that is most likely to provide the most good. To be fair, it is not always possible to create a cost effective plan that has a good chance of working; it that case, when diagnostic or treatment options are constrained by budget limitations, we honestly strive to explain the probabilities of success so realistic expectations can be set. Learn More (learn more)


Every veterinary hospital in the country says that they care, that they treat your pet like family, or that they are the most compassionate care givers in the land. So, if every veterinary hospital says they care, how do you know which one to choose?

First, we recommend looking for the little things. Does someone place an extra warm blanket on the sick kitten? Does the staff reach out with a hug to a pet owner who has had to say good bye to a beloved family pet? Is there an offer for a cup of coffee or hot chocolate in the waiting room?

Then we look to the big things, like does the staff care enough to be available when you need them with extended hours and weekend appointments? Do the veterinarians care enough to be available to the phone on nights and weekends? Do they care enough to have invested in the latest medical equipment and technology? We know that at Veremedy, the answer to all of these questions is yes—we care!