Please Don’t Shop – Adopt!

There are several human societies and pet rescue organizations in the Upper Valley. We applaud and support the work they do. We encourage our friends and clients to consider adoption. We also recommend, whenever possible, adopting local and meeting the pet prior to adoption to make certain you are compatible. The Humane Society of the […]

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Pets Need Dermatologists Too!

Some of our favorite problems to solve are itchy skin and chronically infected ears. Our patients are always happy to have these irritating problems solved or managed. Many chronic skin and ear problems are due to underlying allergic conditions. We maintain the capacity to fully address these allergic problems by: 1. Diagnosing the type of […]

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There are no safe anesthetic agents or procedures – only safe anesthetists!

At Veremedy, we are firm believers in this quote: “There are no safe anesthetic agents; there are no safe anesthetic procedures; there are only safe anesthetists.” – Robert M. Smith, MD That means that each anesthetic event should be customized by a veterinarian familiar with a wide range of anesthetic options.  At Veremedy, though there […]

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We Believe in Community Support!

The owners and staff of Veremedy Pet Hospitals regularly volunteer at local humane shelters, raise money to fight cancer, and actively participate on the board of non-profit groups in our region. We appreciate the shared donations that many of our clients have made to help support great local organizations to. Two of our nearest and dearest […]

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No one likes a toothache! Especially not pets!

We know that gum disease can be a precursor to infections in other parts of the body such as the heart valves, kidneys, and liver. The advantages of routine dental care for prolonging and enhancing a pet’s life are becoming well established. At Veremedy, we have all the equipment and skills to make sure your pet […]

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Veremedy History: Rich in evidence-based medicine and informed consent.

Drs. Brad Burrington and Angela Burrington came to the Upper Valley region after graduating from The College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University. Initially, they each worked in different practices, Brad in Sunapee, NH, and Angela in Springfield, VT. In 1992, the Burringtons purchased Dr. Jim Robert’s veterinary practice in Woodstock, VT. There, in a […]

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Medical Library and Resources for You!


You trust Veremedy for proven and accurate medical care for your family pet. Did you know we also offer trusted resources that you can access directly? In this section of our website, we offer a database of information. You will find articles which summarize information on many subjects and disorders in the Veterinary Partners […]

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A new puppy or kitten!

Some of the most important veterinary care and information for you and your family pet should happen during the first months of your pet’s life. Puppy and kitten exams should start at approximately 8 weeks of age. Veremedy strongly recommends a series of three exams for these young growing members of your family– at 8, 12, […]

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What is the best dog food for my dog? – by Brad and Angela Burrington

They say to avoid an argument one should never discuss politics or religion in polite company; to be safe, one might add pet diets to that list as well.  This question, “which food is best?,”  points out a key flaw to much of the “best” dog food debate—there are many opinions on this subject but […]

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Tick Update from Dr. Brad Burrington

Tick Update! First some good news, though based only on our recent experience, it looks like Nexgard, the oral anti-tick and anti-flea medication, is highly effective.  Subjectively, it seems like our vaccination and preventative programs are working.  The number of Lyme disease patients coming to our practice seems to be slowing.  More often than not, […]

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