Do you feed your dogs peanut butter?

If you are feeding your dog Peanut Butter, beware! Xylitol is a sugar substitute that is being used in many Sugar-free Peanut Butters (as well as gum and other products), and it can be life-threatening to your dog! Some popular brands of Peanut Butter that contain Xylitol are listed below (may not be a complete […]

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New Year’s Resolutions with Your Pet!

It’s that time of year where we all do our best to set new goals and we know even thinking about resolutions can be stressful. To help, we offer 3 simple tips for you and your pet’s New Year’s resolutions: 1. Get your pet some exercise! Most dogs benefit from 2-4 miles of walking or playing per […]

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MEDICAL UPDATE: Ticks and Global Warming

The EPA reports, “Climate change has contributed to the expanded range of ticks, increasing the potential risk of Lyme disease, such as in areas of Canada where the ticks were previously unable to survive. The life cycle and prevalence of deer ticks are strongly influenced by temperature.” For us here in the Upper Valley, this means that ticks are […]

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With happiness for Dr. Morris, and some sadness for the remaining Veremedy team, we announce that Dr. Anita Morris will no longer be seeing patients at our veterinary offices.  For some time, Dr. Morris has been offering expert ultrasound services to other veterinary offices in Vermont and New Hampshire.  The demand for these services has […]

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Together, We Can Prevent Lyme Disease!

We hate TICKS and know you do too! Together – we can prevent Lyme disease with: Early Detection Constant Tick Prevention Safe Vaccination Ask for all three at your pet’s next visit. Call today! 802-295-6900 or 802-457-2229 THE FLEAS AND TICKS ARE COMING BACK! PLEASE, CHECK OUT OUR FLEA AND TICK PREVENTATIVE RECOMMENDATIONS BELOW! It is time […]

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From the routine to the complex, surgery is an integral part of the services we perform everyday. All of the veterinarians on our team perform the routine surgeries of neutering, spaying and standard tumor excisions. In addition, each veterinarian has a repertoire of more complex surgeries that they have performed many times to solve a […]

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It’s Still Tick Season?

A live Ixodes Lyme disease tick just before Christmas?—yes! In Vermont? Yes! 48 degrees outside in February?  Yes!  In Vermont? Yes! Is it time to consider extending our tick prevention programs to 10 or twelve months? Yes? In Vermont?  Hard to believe, but Yes! Please keep an eye out for ticks as the temperature rises.  […]

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Please Don’t Shop – Adopt!

There are several human societies and pet rescue organizations in the Upper Valley. We applaud and support the work they do. We encourage our friends and clients to consider adoption. We also recommend, whenever possible, adopting local and meeting the pet prior to adoption to make certain you are compatible. The Humane Society of the […]

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Pets Need Dermatologists Too!

Some of our favorite problems to solve are itchy skin and chronically infected ears. Our patients are always happy to have these irritating problems solved or managed. Many chronic skin and ear problems are due to underlying allergic conditions. We maintain the capacity to fully address these allergic problems by: 1. Diagnosing the type of […]

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There are no safe anesthetic agents or procedures – only safe anesthetists!

At Veremedy, we are firm believers in this quote: “There are no safe anesthetic agents; there are no safe anesthetic procedures; there are only safe anesthetists.” – Robert M. Smith, MD That means that each anesthetic event should be customized by a veterinarian familiar with a wide range of anesthetic options.  At Veremedy, though there […]

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