A complete in-house laboratory in both locations that allows us to perform extensive testing on body fluids and tissues including:

  • Complete Blood Cell counts to look for signs of anemia, infection, or bleeding disorders
  • Organ function blood tests to monitor disease in the kidneys, liver, pancreas
  • Electrolyte, mineral, and protein analysis of blood to gain insight about general health, and fluid needs.
  • Urine analysis for additional insight into the kidneys and overall health status
  • Stool analysis to look for parasitic problems


Advanced digital -radiology units are maintained in both locations. This allows doctors to easily share images between hospitals to facilitate team work, and it allows us to easily send images to specialists for second opinions when needed.


The latest technology in ultrasound imaging is also available. Unlike other hospitals that have to wait for traveling specialists to perform ultrasound, Veremedy is fortunate to have Dr. Morris on staff. Dr. Morris’ advanced training with ultrasound imaging allows Veremedy Pet Hospital patients to have access to this important diagnostic testing three days per week. The ultrasound machine usually lives with Dr. Morris in our Woodstock facility. However, the unit is portable and occasionally shows up in White River Junction as well.