Veremedy Pet Hospital provides diagnostic and therapeutic expertise in the disciplines noted below. For those times when additional expertise is needed, we have a collaborative relationship with the best specialists in our region.

  • Gastroenterology
    our veterinarians have advanced skills for treating intestinal diseases, liver problems, and diseases of the pancreas.
  • Cardiology
    a pet’s sick heart at Veremedy will benefit from our in-house capacity to measure blood pressures, take radiographs, and to perform cardiac ultrasound.
  • Pulmonology
    when the lungs are not happy our medical team may take samples from the lungs, or use x-ray imaging to see what the problem may be. Asthma is a common problem in cats, and we regularly diagnose  lung parasites in dogs, and we stay current on the best ways to treat both of these conditions.
  • Endocrinology
    our doctors regularly treat a variety of hormonal problems including diabetes, hyper and hypothyroidism, and Cushing’s disease.
  • Urology
    abnormalities with the kidneys and bladder of dogs and cats are encountered regularly in our practice. This is another area where our in-house laboratory, and our in-house ultrasound capabilities provide a great benefit.
  • Infectious Disease
    our hospital in White River Junction is equipped with an isolation ward complete with separate ventilation, so we can treat infectious diseases such as parvovirus enteritis.
  • Neurology
    diseases of the brain and spinal cord often require advanced imaging to be diagnosed correctly. Some of the more common neurologic problems that the Veremedy vets address are epilepsy and intervertebral disc disease.
  • Nutritional Counseling
    There are many factors to consider when choosing a food that will help encourage optimal health for pets. Our veterinarians review the dietary needs of their patients regularly.
  • Behavioral Counseling
    Sometimes unwanted or unpleasant behaviors develop in our pets. Veremedy veterinarians are accustomed to recommending behavior modification techniques to help eliminate bad habits. When necessary, medications to assist behavior changes are utilized.


Once a diagnosis is made in any of the above disciplines, Veremedy shines in its ability to provide critical and intensive care to sick and debilitated patients. Pets who have required emergency care are often transferred from the emergency service to our critical care wards. These medical wards are equipped with:

  • Programmable fluid pumps that deliver intravenous fluids and constant rate infusions of critical medications.
  • Circulating warm water heating pads in the intensive care ward kennels.
  • Portable oxygen delivery systems to facilitate the delivery of much needed oxygen to patients with lung or cardiac disease.
  • A complete in-house pharmacy with oral, injectable, and topical medications.
  • A dedicated nursing staff trained to monitor sick patients, provide them comfort and help speed their recovery.