Puppy and Kitten Exams start when the youngsters are approximately 8 weeks old. Some of the most important veterinary care and information your family pet needs occurs during the first 4 months of life. Veremedy strongly recommends a series of three exams for these young growing members of your family. These exams allow our veterinarians to answer questions on proper feeding and rearing of pets. Appropriate strategies for vaccination protocols and internal and external parasite control are reviewed and implemented. All puppies and kittens need to be dewormed, and we can recommend the correct prescription-strength medication to accomplish this important task.


Annual Exams of your family pet is an excellent way to keep him healthy. At every annual exam we chart your pet’s weight, check all teeth and gums for dental disease, we do a complete physical exam, review internal and external parasite control programs, and we address any health concerns that may be of concern. For some pets, screening blood samples are taken to monitor drug levels or to look for complications to chronic medical problems.


Geriatric Exam services become more important as our pets age. Monitoring organ function with blood tests, screening blood pressure as an indication of cardiac or renal disease, and diagnosing and treating arthritis are areas of focus for these examinations. In some cases, particularly in older cats, twice yearly exams may be indicated to stay on top of health problems. When quality of life becomes an issue, hospice care and recommendations for the gentle support that is needed at the end of a pet’s life are provided.