Maybe the best option is to use someone else’s payment plan! Every year more insurance companies are started in the United States, and every year, we see more patients with insurance coverage. Pet insurance is probably not for every pet owner, but for many, it is a great way to protect their pet and to have a plan for unanticipated pet health care bills. Some links to insurance companies we have had experience with are:


Not everyone who applies for CareCredit will be accepted, but for those who are, this financing option has great value. Usually terms are offered that allow for three to 6 months of no interest; if you pay the bill off in the allotted time, then there are no finance charges. We probably have someone use CareCredit almost daily in our hospitals. In addition to helping cover veterinary costs, the line of credit that is extended to you can also be used for dental care and eye glasses.

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Insurance policies are designed to help pay for unexpected medical care. Pet health care plans are designed to help pay for expected medical care. In essence, a pet health care plan is a budgeting tool to help spread the cost of routine or necessary preventative care over a longer period of time. Veremedy Pet Hospital is considering putting together a group of health care plans.  We will add information as it becomes available.