Together, We Can Prevent Lyme Disease!

We hate TICKS and know you do too! Together – we can prevent Lyme disease with: Early Detection Constant Tick Prevention Safe Vaccination Ask for all three at your pet’s next visit. Call today! 802-295-6900 or 802-457-2229 THE FLEAS AND TICKS ARE COMING BACK! PLEASE, CHECK OUT OUR FLEA AND TICK PREVENTATIVE RECOMMENDATIONS BELOW! It is time […]

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Tick Update from Dr. Brad Burrington

Tick Update! First some good news, though based only on our recent experience, it looks like Nexgard, the oral anti-tick and anti-flea medication, is highly effective.  Subjectively, it seems like our vaccination and preventative programs are working.  The number of Lyme disease patients coming to our practice seems to be slowing.  More often than not, […]

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SAVE on Flea, Tick and Heartworm Prevention Plans!

THE FLEAS AND TICKS WILL BE BACK SOON! PLEASE, CHECK OUT OUR FLEA AND TICK DEFENSE PLANS BELOW! It is time to make sure that your pets are fully protected against fleas, ticks, and heartworm disease. Last year, we saw several problems with counterfeit flea products from online pharmacies and pet stores, so we created some […]

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