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Answers to Pet Insurance FAQs

Many pet owners decide to purchase Pet Insurance for their pets. Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions. 

  • If you decide to get pet insurance, you must pay for the visit first and submit a claim to the insurance company and they will reimburse you accordingly. 

  • It can be beneficial to get quotes from multiple insurance companies to see how they compare and which one would be the best fit. 

  • Each insurance has its own waiting period for illness and a separate waiting period for accidents etc.

  • Please read each pet insurance policy very carefully, always read it in full, and look at what each policy covers, how they define pre-existing conditions, and their reimbursement process, etc. 

  • It is important to get pet insurance early before a problem were to arise because once a condition is diagnosed/treated most insurance companies will consider it pre-existing and will NOT cover it. It is important to note that some insurance companies require an exam before the policy becomes effective. 

  • Some pet insurance companies also offer a multi-pet discount—meaning, the more pets you enroll they will give you a discount.
  • Most insurance companies do not pay for dental cleanings or dental care (some will pay for extractions but not the procedure itself).  Always contact the insurance company if you have any questions about coverage before a procedure is done.
  • Some insurance covers the cost of prescription food for a certain amount of time, but not usually for the life of the pet.
  • This is something no pet owner wants to think about, but when the time comes and humane euthanasia is something you are considering, there are certain insurances that will cover the cost of humane euthanasia and those that will not.
  • Some insurances also offer (included or as an additional cost/month) alternative medicine options. If this is something that is important for you to have, make sure to look at their websites/policies for that specific treatment(s). 
  • Hip Dysplasia and Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CCL) diagnoses can have separate waiting periods depending on the insurance you choose. 
Answers to Pet Insurance FAQs Veremedy Pet Hospital