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White River Junction

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Know exactly what you're getting.

Why should you use our pharmacy?

  • Convenience
    No need to drive somewhere else, or wait for a delivery to get the medications you need.
  • Confidence
    No need to worry whether the meds were shipped at proper temperatures, or if the meds are coming from a reputable pharmacy.
  • Local Support
    When your pet care dollars stay local, we can hire local people to stock the pharmacy, print the labels, and count the tablets; that helps us all.

Prescription Refills

We appreciate your understanding in helping us comply with federal regulations regarding prescriptions. An annual examination is required by law in order to dispense or prescribe prescription medication.

You can let us know when you need more medication either by calling us directly or by filling out our Online Prescription Refill Form and emailing it to us.

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We would be happy to mail medications directly to your home.  Please call us to discuss details with one of our Customer Care staff.
White River Junction 802-295-6900  |  Woodstock 802-457-2229


Pet Prescription Refills