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How Much Does It Cost

Will you save money by using the pet care services at Veremedy Pet Hospital? The answer is, in many cases yes, but in some others, perhaps not. However, our clients tell us that what will happen is that your pet care budget will be focused on the tests, surgeries, vaccines and medications that have the greatest impact on your pet’s health.

We know this can sometimes be frustrating, but we do not always give out prices over the phone. We occasionally have people call us to see if our spay price is lower than someone else’s, or to see what we charge for puppy shots. While we appreciate the need to wisely spend pet care dollars, we simply do not believe that price shopping for the cheapest spay or vaccine price is an effective way to conserve pet care dollars.

We believe it is far more important to choose a veterinary hospital whose staff is committed to helping people spend their pet health care dollars intelligently!!!

Our clientele spans the gamut in terms of finances, and we can tailor a treatment plan to fit with any budget, offering options for financial assistance when needed.

In each case, we take the time to determine the medical needs of pet. Then we take the extra time to determine each pet owner’s philosophy toward pet health care. When necessary and it often is, we factor in budgetary concerns, and then we make a plan that helps both the pet and the pet’s owner. So, rather than using price quotes to chose a veterinarian, we think it just makes more sense to choose a vet based on how well they listen to your concerns. (learn more)